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    Sight Singing Apps for iPhone and iPad

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    Sight Singing

    This app is for training on 'sight singing', the ability to read and sing music on sight. It will measure the pitch you sing for each note and provide feedback so that you can know if that pitch is correct or not.

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    Sight Singing Steps

    This 'Steps' version includes the music scores highly selected for sight singing training. They are grouped into multiple courses and difficulty levels ranging from 'Introductory' to 'Master', and include a variety of exercises with different keys, rhythms, and melodies.

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    Solfege Pro

    This 'Solfege Pro' provides more advanced features for training your solfege skills (reading, singing, and listening skills) with three courses: 'Sight Singing', 'Ear Training - Dictation', and 'Ear Training - Singing'.


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    Sight Singing Studio

    This 'Studio' version provides the functionality to input, edit, and share music scores so that you can make your own scores and practice with them.

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    Ensemble Trainer

    This 'Ensemble Trainer' provides exercises for two voices and you can train yourself in singing your own part while listening to the other part.

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    Chord Analysis

    This app is for training on 'chord analysis', which is very important for analyzing music. It will give a variety of questions with different keys and difficulties so that you can improve your skills on chord analysis efficiently.

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